Tiredness and seasonal changes can sometimes cause a lack of energy.
The Vitality protocol will help invigorate your spirit, galvanize your body and will fight against daily tiredness with dynamizing fragrances and energizing essential oils.

Respiration protocol

Our environment such as seasonal changes, pollution or climate can have a direct impact on our breathing.
To challenge respiratory discomforts, the Respiration protocol offer approachable and efficient aromatherapy keys.

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Relaxation protocol

The Relaxation protocol is about bringing peacefulness and harmony into people’s life. Relaxation products solves issues such as insomnia or stress.

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Movement protocol

What better way to develop self-serenity than through a physical activity?
Movement protocol products boost body relaxation and reduce muscular tensions due to exercise.

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DIY Blends

By combining essential oils, you obtain very potent synergies.
Synergies are blends that capitalize on essential oil complementary therapeutic properties. Discover Auziere Do It Yourself Blends.

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Hair Care and Body Care

Auziere Body Care and Hair Care brand new range brings the best of aromatherapy to your body and hair.
Enriched with natural essential and vegetable oils that are selected for their benefits, the certified Organic formulas respect skin and hair hydrolipid film and maintain softness, comfort, moisture and shine.

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