Fan diffuser for essential oils

Preserves essential oils benefits and purifies the air

The Auziere Fan Diffuser allows a cold diffusion of your favorite essential oils. Essential oils are not heated and their purity & properties are perfectly preserved.

The Auziere Diffuser offers sober and elegant lines, making it a design object and allowing you to enjoy a subtle fragrant ambiance while stylishly matching any interior space.
Diffusing essential oil is safe if you respect the recommended dosage. Some essential oils are not suitable for diffusion. Please refer to each essential oil instructions for use.

Auziere Fan diffuser has been designed exclusively to be compatible with Auziere 10ml essential oil bottles.


1 – 1 diffuser
2 – 1 cartridge
3 – 5 wicks
4 – 5 plugs
5 – 1 charging usb cable
6 – 1 instructions manual


Auziere fan diffuser has 3 diffusion modes that allow you to switch between different intensities according to your needs.
To switch between the 3 modes, use the fan button.

The ambient lights allow you to create different atmospheres according to your mood and needs.
Switch between the different modes by pressing the light button.

The cartridge should be replaced after the complete consumption of three essential oil bottles to maintain an optimal diffusion.

The wick placed in the essential oil bottle promotes diffusion.
When an essential oil bottle is fully consumed, the wick and plug must be replaced, even if the same essential oil is used.


Place the diffuser on a flat surface.
Do not diffuse during sleeping time.
For indoor use only.
Only use Auziere essential oil 10ml bottles with this diffuser.
Please refer to the essential oils instructions for use to know which essential oils should not be diffused.
Diffusion is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.