10ml – 0.34 FL. OZ.

Organic essential oil

Lemon essential oil stimulates the body.
It has purifying, digestive and energizing properties.


The topical application through skin massage strengthens immune defences.
Pour a tablespoon (15ml) of vegetable oil in the Auziere measure bottle. Add 3 drops of lemon essential oil. Rub the desired area with the mix.
Lemon essential oil also reduces cellulite.

The diffuser should not heat essential oils.
Lemon essential oil is perfect to purify the air inside your home. Please refer to the diffuser instructions for use.

For a stimulating moment, pour a tablespoon (15ml) of vegetable oil in the Auziere measure bottle. Add 6 drops of lemon essential oil.
Pour the mix in warm bath water.

For external use only.

Citrus limonum

Ingredients: organic lemon essential oil.
Chemotype: limonene.
Organ: zest.
Grown for its edible fruit, the lemon tree is an evergreen shrub which can reach 3 to 6 meters in height.
It possesses large, oval and green leaves and produces white flowers in clusters.

The lemon tree is particularly widespread in the Mediterranean basin such as Italy and Spain. It is also present in other subtropical regions.
Lemon essential oil is obtained by cold pressing the zest of the fruit.
It has a fresh, fruity and acidulous fragrance.


Do not take orally. Do not apply undiluted to the skin. For external use only.Not to be used in children under 6 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and light. Avoid sunlight for up to 6 hours after application on skin.